Art & Pancakes, August 19th, 2012

A sampler plate of art news tidbits for your Sunday morning. Enjoy! ~b

‘The Next Documenta Should Be Curated by an Artist’ by Jens Hoffmann Yes!

Interesting read from the most excellent Visual Culture blog: Connecting Japanese Cinema and Photography

Locally...San Jose welders get blacksmithing lessons from Israeli artist Amit Har-lev

From the LATimes: A Moscow judge has sentenced each of the three members of the feminist punk art group Pussy Riot to two years in prison on hooliganism charges.,0,2589108.story  ‘Hooliganism’ is a charge???!!

From ArtInfo: In the Wake of Facebook’s Richter Blackout, Does the Social Network Still Stand for Censoring Art?  What did FB’s stocks close at last Friday?

Good Reads: Art21 blog by Nettrice Gaskins, ‘Kara Walker: The Art of War’

Seen on ArtInfo: Deport Wolverine? SF Bay Area Artist’s Poster Campaign Uses Superheroes to Advocate for Immigrant Rights Love this!

Great review of Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Five Elements currently on view at San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum at the Phantoms of Asia exhibition, by Sidra Stich

What Mitt Romney has in mind for arts funding  *$%#&!!

Intentionality and Art Historical Methodology: A Case Study   I ♥♥♥♥♥ the site!



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