Art & Pancakes, January 27th, 2013

Art news tidbits for you to enjoy over breakfast on a wintery, Sunday morn.

Ed Ruscha’s business card Love it!

From Artinfo: In Revolutionary Syria, Galleries Become Refuges and Artists Turn Dissident

From Art21, A previously unpublished interview with Carrie Mae Weems: Dance, Bodies, and Aging

From HyperAllergic: Brazilian Government Gives Workers $25 a Month for Culture  Say, what?!  and then, back in the USA…

Bill introduced by 23 year old GOP state representative (noob) seeks to eliminate funding for Oklahoma Arts Council,0,1479670.story His idea isn’t the only thing scary

From Artinfo: 3 Hard Truths About the Art Market: It’s Nasty, Brutish, and Short-Sighted And this is new news??

Getty Hands Google Users Free Commercial Images… Photographers Get $12  w-t-f

South American artist Jorge Selaron, dies near his life’s work: 215 steps into a kaleidoscope of brightly hued tiles from all over the world, transforming a dingy, urine-scented alley and stairs into a rambunctious “tribute to the Brazilian people.”

Hiroshi Sugimoto’s “Revolution”-seventeen photographs taken over the course of a decade, 1986–1997, exhibited for the first time in Munich. Amazing work.

Andy Warhol’s unseen early drawings unveiled in the UK 

For Those Without History, a Memorial Museum in Chile  Incredible museum dedicated to memorializing the thousands of victims and disappeared during the Pinochet regime.

Zurich Clockmaker Miki Eleta’s Hippocampus, 2.8 metre-tall clock w musical movement that will not repeat for 100 yrs+ So who will be around to verify this?

From HyperAllergic: Lets all argue about Digital Art Yes, let’s do…but read the Claire Bishop Art Forum story which sparked all this first (Sept 2012):


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