A Blade of Grass (NY), National Call for Applicants: 2017 Fellowships for Individual Artists and Collectives, Socially Engaged Art

ABOGA Blade of Grass (NY), National Call for Applicants: 2017 Fellowships for Individual Artists and Collectives, Socially Engaged Art

Deadline for submissions for the Initial Letter of Interest: September 19th, 2016

A Blade of Grass (ABOG) in NYC is currently offering a one-year fellowship for individual artists and collectives. Fellowships pair project support of $20,000 with strategic support, assessment tools, video documentation, and other tailored resources for socially engaged artists working nationwide.

Eligibility: Eligible applicants for the ABOG Fellowship for Socially Engaged Art: • Are artists or artist collectives working independently. Artists or artist collectives registered as 501c3 nonprofit organizations are not eligible to apply. If you are a collective, please submit a single application under the name of the collective. • Are not currently enrolled as students. • Are US citizens, or US residents with legal work status. If applying as a collective, a US citizen or resident with legal work status must be the primary contact for the group. • Are at least 25 years of age. • Have not received an ABOG Socially Engaged Art Fellowship as an individual or as part of an artist collective in the last 3 years. • Have projects that engage directly with a specific community or communities. • Have a website with contextualized examples of past work that a selection panel can review.

What They Fund: • Socially engaged projects in which art is a catalyst for social change. • Projects that feature artists in leadership roles. • Dialogue-based projects that emphasize sustainable partnerships with communities. • Projects in which artists engage community members as equal partners. • Projects in which co-creation with non-artists is part of the process. • We value process over product: relationship building and problem solving are key goals. • We provide funding with minimal restriction, and budget line items may include things like living expenses that are not direct project expenses. • We fund artists working nationwide, as well as artists based in the US who are working internationally.

Note: ABOG earmarks half of its total fellowships for artists living in New York City.

For full details, calendar of deadlines, funding parameters, more information (PDF): http://www.abladeofgrass.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/ABOG_FellowshipOverview2017.pdf

Website link: http://www.abladeofgrass.org/application/guidelines/

About: A Blade of Grass nurtures socially engaged art. They provide resources to artists who demonstrate artistic excellence and serve as innovative conduits for social change. They evaluate the quality of work in this evolving field by fostering an inclusive, practical discourse about the aesthetics, function, ethics and meaning of socially engaged art that resonates within and outside the contemporary art dialogue. They are located in New York City.


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