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History:  In 2008, a small group of MFA students at San Jose State University (SJSU) were grousing about the usual graduate/artist concerns and where to find calls for emerging artists. Looking around the internet, there were sites that were helpful but they did not focus what we were looking for all in one site. I thought it would be a great idea to start our own blog to post local-national-international art calls for serious artists, grant/internships, art residencies, the rare paying job, local San Francisco Bay Area exhibitions, local art lectures, events, art news of interest, and other art related activities. Thus, the SJSU Art Blog was born in October of 2008.

In 2011, the “SJSU Art Blog” name was changed to the “Bay Area Art Grind.”

All posts discovered by our staff, or sent to us by groups/organizations, are screened before posting. Since we are all artists ourselves, we scrutinize the call from the viewpoint of an emerging to mid-career artist. When examining a call, we look at previous exhibitions,  avoid calls with exorbitant entry fees, attempt to avoid places that are exhibition “mills” and ask ourselves the question “would we want this on our own artist resume?” given the type of artwork called for.

The Bay Area Art Grind has been listing calls consistently since 2008, aside from a rare break for a holiday or vacation.

Thank you for your interest in the Bay Area Art Grind…. and keep making art!!

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~Barbara Horiuchi, Editor-in-Chief and Founder of the Bay Area Art Grind

Bay Area Art Grind Staff
Barbara Horiuchi, Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Contributor
Barb is the founder of Bay Area Art Grind and a visual artist based in the South Bay. She has her BA and MFA from San Jose State University. Artist Website: http://www.brhoriuchi.com

Ron Garavaglia, Associate Editor, Contributor
Ron is multi-media artist and co-founder of the Bay Area Art Grind. His studio practice is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He received his BA and MFA from San Jose State University. Artist Website:  http://www.rongaravaglia.com/

 Daniel Lulu, Associate Editor, Contributor
Danny is a multi-media artist and musician currently based in Oakland. He received his BA from San Francisco State University and MFA from Mills College (’19). Artist Website: http://www.dannylulu.net/

Susan SuriyapaAssociate Editor, Contributor
Susan is a visual artist with a background in journalism, public relations and communications. She received her undergraduate degrees from Skidmore College, the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and her MFA from San Jose State University. She divides her time between Southern California and Italy. Artist Website: http://www.susansuriyapa.com/

John Pickelle, Contributor
John is a photographer and ceramic artist as well as a tenured professor at Southwestern University, California. He received his BFA at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and MFA from San Jose State University. Images of his work: Link

Jim Edgeworth, Contributor
Jim is multi-media artist, photographer, and creative extraordinaire. He received his BFA from Humboldt State University and MFA from San Jose State University. He currently resides in Oregon.  Flickr, Art Slant, Artist Focus

Michael Lulu, Website Manager
Mike maintains the website, helps edit and streamline content. He received his BA (Business major, minor History, Environmental Studies) from Sonoma State University.

The first goodbye (attempt) October 7th, 2014: The Long and Winding Road

The return January 1st, 2015: Bay Area Art Grind 2.0

The final goodbye October 6th, 2019: All Good Things….

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  1. This is an incredible resourse!
    Great job on putting this together!

  2. Donna says:

    I’ve been meaning to write this for awhile, ever since I read that Bay Area Art Grind will be coming to an end.

    I just wanted to say thank you. This has been a great resource. Because of Bay Area Art Grind, I’ve gotten into shows and won some awards.

    Hate to see it go…..but I understand.

    Thank you for everything!


  3. Dana Davis says:

    Thank you for bringing this constant stream of opportunities to me each morning. I appreciate that you have selected your postings wisely and filtered out some of the more self serving “offerings”. Resources like this one have long ranging impacts.
    Dana Davis

  4. Evy Cohen says:

    Hello, by pure chance I came across your website (I live in france) seeing that my work featured on your weekly posts “Sublime/transcendent”.
    Thank you!

  5. Excellent work! Will definitely be sending more visitors your way.

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