Adobe Art Gallery (CA), Call for SF Bay Area Artists: “Wake, Sleep, Repeat” Repetition in the Everyday

Adobe Art Gallery (CA), Call for SF Bay Area Artists: “Wake, Sleep, Repeat” Repetition in the Everyday

Early deadline to be considered for postcard and publicity: March 18th, 2017
Deadline for submissions: May 6th, 2017, 12am PST

Description: Artists are invited to submit work to Adobe Art Gallery in this broad theme encompassing the numerous ways repetition is embedded in our daily lives. Patterns emerge when documenting something over time. We’re interested in all forms of repetition from the linear forms of window blinds in a painting to a work with repetitive movements such as knitting or weaving. A work might not be visually repetitive but might include a quotidian working process. In Groundhog Day and Waiting for Godot, it’s the mundane moments between waking and sleeping that create the story and it is these spaces in between that we are highlighting.

Eligibility and Requirements: Open to all San Francisco Bay Area artists and all 2D and 3D media. Work must be hand delivered and picked up. No shipping. Open to the first fifty (50) entrants. One entry per artist. Work larger than 42 inches in height and width will be installed only as space permits at the discretion of the gallery director. Maximum weight is 50 lbs. Work must be original in nature, completed within the last two years and not previously shown at Adobe Art Gallery. Artwork must be framed, wired, pre-assembled and ready to hang/display. Plexiglass is highly preferred over glass. All works must remain for the duration of the show. Adobe Art Gallery will not accept artwork that is not mounted/framed professionally and ready to display. Adobe Art Gallery reserves the right of final selection of the work to be shown.

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