All Good Things…

Dear Bay Area Art Grind Subscribers, Followers, and Friends,

October 15th marks exactly 11 years since my first post on the SJSU Art Blog website, a site for artists by artists, while in graduate school. Post-grad school and into the throes of the realities of balancing an art career and real life, the name was changed to the Bay Area Art Grind. My desire in creating this free site had always been to help fellow artists navigate the waters to find opportunities to help their own careers. It is now time to take a new road.

Over 7500 posts later consisting of calls for artists, jobs, announcements, events, artist focus posts, and art news items, all good things must come to an end. The Bay Area Art Grind will be not be posting new calls, but calls with upcoming deadlines will remain. The site will be shutting down by year’s end for personal reasons and also an overwhelming desire to devote more time to making art. The associated Flickr and Twitter accounts will also be deactivated before the end of this year.

A heartfelt Thank You to all our wonderful subscribers and followers devoted to this site. I sincerely hope some of you have found an opportunity or two via our site that helped get your great art seen and made some connections along the way in your artistic ventures. And a big Arigato Gozaimashita to the BAAG support staff for their help and unwavering belief in my ‘big idea.”

All the Best,
Barbara Horiuchi, Bay Area Art Grind Editor & Founder

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31 Responses to All Good Things…

  1. bill geisinger says:

    Hi Barbara, Just too wish you the best of work times in the studio. Bay Area Art Grind has been an inspiration to my studio life. I haven’t always been interested in shows or information that is posted but I have listened and grown by your work. Thank you, bill geisinger

  2. Nafis White says:

    Thank you so much for all the care and work you have poured into this project. As a fellow artist and appreciator of what you have created it has been a privilege to have Bay Area Art Grind in my inbox with great frequency over the years. I shared your work with my friends and colleagues and enjoyed your posts and the opportunities. Thank you for your important work. I’m excited for what is to come for the next chapter of your journey.
    With Gratitude,

  3. Thank you, thank you! I’ve been a subscriber for many of your 11 years and your site has always been so well-curated! I have been introduced to scores of incredible artists. I’ve been accepted to quite a few shows. You are a gem! I wish you great success with your practice. I completely understand the need to devote more of yourself for yourself but you surely will be missed by me! Could you please keep me on your mailing list so that I can keep track of your exhibits? And if you’re ever in chicago, please give me a call! I’ll give you the tour of the town!

  4. Kate Higley says:

    Thank you for all the pleasure and service you have so diligently provided for so long. The decision to spend less time promoting art and more time making art is never easy decision and I congratulate you and wish you good days ahead.

  5. Mark Goudy says:

    We are sad to bid adieu to the Art Grind Barbara! Sending a heartfelt thank you for all your steadfast efforts over the years. Many of these calls have helped launch my art “career”. And now I wish you all the best with your future works. Bon voyage!

  6. Liza Riddle says:

    Thank you so ver much for your tireless efforts on behalf of your fellow artists. You have enriched our lives and inspired us to create. Please put me in your personal mailing list so I can follow your future endeavors.
    With all best wishes,

  7. Although I am a late subscriber, for I didn’t know about Bay Area Art Grind years ago, I am grateful for all your efforts to help other artists. I can appreciate how much work was involved in organizing and posting the material.
    With appreciation and all good wishes for your own art,

  8. Jean Chow says:

    Thank you for building a community! You will be missed. Good luck with everything!

  9. Diana Leidel says:

    Thank you for all your years and months of service to all of us artists. Best wishes in your now and future endeavors.


  10. Bay Area Art Grind has been an incredible and valuable resource for the entire Bay Area Arts community. It is unfortunate that someone else, another group of SJSU grad students even, hasn’t stepped forward to carry it on.
    Thank you Barbara for your consistent and generous service to all of us. May you have much joy and satisfaction in the studio, and may we all experience your artwork in the years to come.

  11. We all understand the need to make changes in our lives. Personally I’m thrilled that your focus will be on creating your own work. That is what most of us dream about…. having the time, space, funds, and last but certainly not least, the courage. I believe you are receiving angels wings of encouragement!

    On a selfish note, is there anyone out there that is considering purchasing your site? That would be a wonderful transition.

    Regardless, my best to you and your future projects.

  12. Ned Axthelm says:

    Thank you so much for all of the time and energy you have put into helping others! I appreciate BAAG’s impact on my own art endeavors more than I can express.

    I have an idea too- perhaps as a final help you could share the “best practices” you have honed over the years in putting this together so we can do it for ourselves now that we are losing you?
    What is it you do to put this together?
    What resources do you find to be most useful?

    I realize asking for more is greedy, I apologize for that, you have given so much, but I thought it might keep the energy moving for many people while you step away.

    If you have already shared this and I missed it please repost 🙂

    • sjsartidea says:

      Hi Ned, To answer your questions….I would pretty much work on this site every-single-night looking for interesting calls— until 2014 when I thought I was going to quit it the first time. Bay Area Art Grind 2.0 was revived in January 2015 after so many followers wrote to me, and quite frankly, I was having withdrawals and feelings of guilt from not posting for others. I decided to not post every night, but only 4 times a week, so I would have time to work on my own art. But, that got harder to do as well…thus my latest decision. I just posted a list of my favorite go-to resource sites where I would go and search for interesting calls: And they are all free sites too! Enjoy and thank you!

  13. Wik says:

    Thank you for all you’ve done for us. I will miss your daily newsletter immensely, but I am glad you will be able to satisfy your hunger to make more art.

    All the Best!

  14. Mary says:

    You will be missed! I am grateful for your time and energy that you have put into this over the years!

    Thank you and best wishes to you in your future endeavors.


  15. Al says:

    I really valued your blog and will miss your posts. I wish you the best with your art making and want to express my great gratitude for your selfless work over the past 11 years.

  16. Aaron says:

    Thank you so much for everything, this has truly been such a wonderful resource! Any chance you can share your sources of opportunities if any are in listserv or web/blog format? I periodically check several myself, but there have always been so many gems on Bay Area Art Grind that I didn’t see anywhere else. No worries if you can’t though!

  17. CathyC says:

    Thank you for all your hard work. This has really been wonderful. Good luck with your future endeavors! You will be missed!

  18. Vicki Gunter says:

    A big heartfelt thank you for all your work. Your sight has been very important to me. I am grateful for the resource and the care and the creativity you imbued into the Bay Area Art Grind! AND, I cheer you on to bring us more of your own beautiful art. Send us updates of YOUR work as a Sublime Transcendent artist!

  19. Deborah Landry says:

    Good luck in your endeavors. Your post have been nice. You will be missed. Best wishes DeborahLandry

  20. Best of luck in your new adventure!! And THANK YOU!

  21. Thanks for the great job you’ve done providing much needed information to artists. All best to you moving forward.

  22. J. M. says:

    Many, many thanks for all of your hard work over the years! I’ve found this site extremely helpful and trustworthy, and am sorry to see it go. My best wishes for your future endeavors.

  23. Julia Jacobson says:

    Dear Barbara,

    Thank you so much for giving 11 years to this wonderful resource! It will be truly missed! Good luck with your future endeavors!

    Julia Jacobson

  24. paul valadez says:


  25. What a fabulous resource you’ve provided to the art community all these years. Thank you for your vision, hard work, and commitment to see it through. Well done, Barbara.

  26. Terrence Campagna says:

    Thanks so much! I loved receiving the Bay Area Art Grind emails over the years. Good luck on your next steps! warmly, ~Terrence

  27. Tracy Grubbs says:

    Thank you so much Barbara for your generosity and gift of BAAG all these years. I will certainly miss it and I appreciate that you have shared your research sources. Please keep us all posted about your work as it evolves. Onward!

  28. m. cassidy says:

    I will miss all the interesting art-related articles- they taught me quite a bit! And, always looked forward to what clever, new photo of pancakes you’d post 🙂 Thanks for all you’ve done for the art community at large.

    good wishes for your next chapter 🙂