Art & Pancakes, April 15th, 2018

A not so tiny stack of art news for your Sunday morning…enjoy!

Artist Alisha Wormsley’s Billboard Declaring “There Are Black People in the Future” Taken Down by Landlord   Link

Murales Rebeldes: The stories of eight censored or whitewashed murals   Link

Denmark’s first monument to a black woman confronts its colonialist past.   Link

Fired MOCA curator will give UCLA commencement address   Link

Why Magritte Was Fascinated with Bowler Hats   Link

A Haunting Artistic Tribute (by artist Rachel Breen and poet Alison Morse) to Garment Workers Killed in Bangladesh and the US   Link

Why the Themes Isao Takahata Explored Were So Important   Link

Metropolitan Museum of Art chooses Max Hollein as director. He leaves San Francisco’s Deyoung Museum/Legion of Honor in August.   Link

And then…Diversity in spotlight as Met museum hires 10th white male director in a row.   Link

Growing Coalition Calls Brooklyn Museum “Out of Touch” and Demands Decolonization Commission   Link

7 Tips for Applying to Art School, According to Top Admissions Officers   Link

What Happens to Student Behavior When Schools Prioritize Art   Link

Too Many Fairs, Not Enough Art: If art dealers are to survive they will have to rethink, perhaps radically, everything from what they stock to its display.   Link

Oops…Clumsy Churchgoer Destroys Jeff Koons “Gazing Ball” by Touching It   Link

Egads…Woman Steals $17,500. Rock from Yoko Ono Installation   Link

Art Thieves Prefer Sculpture Over Paintings and 4 Other Revelations From Interpol’s Art Theft Database  Link  Unless you like rocks.


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