Art & Pancakes, April 16th, 2017

A short list of art news for your Sunday morning…enjoy!

“Fearless Girl” face-off poses a new question: Does the law protect an artist’s message?   Link

For the First Time, Metropolitan Museum Will Display Indigenous Art in Its American Wing   Link

A brief history of blue, from ultramarine to indigo.   Link

Comeback king or washed-up? British artist Damien Hirst’s new show divides   Link

How Many Animals Have Died for Damien Hirst’s Art to Live? Nearly one million, by a conservative estimate.   Link

Eric Gill: can we separate the artist from the abuser?   Link

Master and servant: how Tania Bruguera is using Beckett to dismantle power   Link

How Richard Serra changed the course of public art.   Link

How Artistry, Bureaucracy, and Lobbying Combined to Create a $3.5 Million Public Sculpture in the Desert   Link

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