Art & Pancakes, April 7th, 2019

pancakes close up

Art news cakes for your Sunday morning. Enjoy!

In declining the Whitney Biennial, Chicago artist Michael Rakowitz offers the ultimate form of art criticism. How do we hold corporatized institutions accountable for the decisions they make? Link

“The Institution Should Not Be Safe As Long As We Are Not Safe”: A Third Week of Protests at the Whitney Link

Banksy’s 13-foot-long painting reemerged just in time to skewer British MPs over their repeatedly failed Brexit negotiations. Link

Why do Brazilian women artists set higher auction records than their male counterparts? Link

Paris’s Louvre museum: eight centuries of history. Link

LACMA, the Incredible Shrinking Museum: A critic’s lament. Link

What happens when art and music worlds collide in a way that offers freedom from the restrictive rules of both? Link

Street Artist JR Sends Off His Friend, Agnès Varda, in Style Link

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