Art & Pancakes, April 9th, 2017

Art news for your Sunday morning. Enjoy!

How Important is Art as a Form of Protest? A survey of more than 50 respondents & 30 countries.   Link

Recent London Gallery Closures Show Struggle at Art Market’s Middle   Link

Artists Form Shell Company to Visit and Photograph Tax Havens.   Link

Marcel Duchamp’s Meditations on Being an Artist.   Link

10 forgotten female pioneers of the Bauhaus.   Link

A young David Lynch vision of art school: “I had this idea that you drink coffee, you smoke cigarettes, you paint, and that’s it…Maybe girls come into it a little bit.”   Link

A Journey Through the Harlem Renaissance in Maps, Manuscripts, and Art   Link

Website to Fax Artworks to Congress in Protest Against NEA Budget Cuts   Link

From the Guardian: The painting that has reopened wounds of American racism.   Link

Controversial Dana Schutz Painting Removed from Whitney Biennial Due to Water Leak   Link

Shortlisted Artist in Sony World Photography Awards Accused of Plagiarism   Link

World’s Largest Street Art Museum Takes Shape in Amsterdam   Link

In Effort to Cover Deficit, Metropolitan Museum Partners with Airbnb to Rent Period Rooms   Link  e-gads

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