Art & Pancakes, August 11th, 2019

A small stack of art news for your Sunday morning.

Recent studies show that museums are falling short on diversity in several key ways. Link

Despite Graffiti’s Global Popularity, Cities Still Criminalize It Link

The boundary-breaking women of New York’s graffiti scene. Link

“Fine art is good medicine”: How hospitals around the world are experimenting with the healing power of art. Link

Tokyo comic fair exhibitors sell works to raise funds for arson-hit Kyoto Animation. Link

The revolution in ceramic sculpture that raged in the San Francisco Bay Area in the ’60s and ’70s rises again, with new energy. Link

Anish Kapoor is banned from his rival’s art store. Link

Can curated works of art help a Tohoku community affected by the 2011 Tohoku Japan Earthquake disaster to heal? Link

Tips for Editioning and Pricing Fine-Art Photographs Link

Lee Krasner’s Early Prophecies Link

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