Art & Pancakes, August 12th, 2018

A small sampler of art news for your Sunday morning….enjoy!

Museum of Modern Art Union Workers Stage Walkout as They Prepare for Contract Negotiations   Link

The State of the Union at the Museum of Modern Art   Link

Andrea Fraser Aims to Hold US Museum Boards to Account   Link

Resale Royalties Would Hurt Emerging Artists   Link

How Graffiti Artists Are Fighting Back against Brands That Steal Their Work  Link

From Picasso’s Signature to Kahlo’s Unibrow, Who Legally Owns the Rights to an Artist’s Brand?   Link

Project Indigene and Speaking the Hard Truths of Colonialism   Link

This Small Clarification of Tax Law Could Have Had Big Consequences for the Art Market   Link

Filmmaker Wim Wenders Explains How Mobile Phones Have Killed Photography   Link

The 10 Rules for Students and Teachers Popularized by John Cage: “Nothing Is a Mistake,” “Consider Everything an Experiment” & More   Link

MoMA’s Lawsuit against a Matcha Shop, Explained   Link



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