Art & Pancakes, August 25th, 2019

A small dose of art news for your Sunday morning..enjoy!

In an open letter, 120 artists, curators, and dealers blasts the di Rosa Art Foundation’s decision to sell most of its collection. And…the response from the di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art. Link

Should museums’ core mission be preserving the world’s cultural heritage, or should it be promoting social justice and global equality? Link

Anish Kapoor’s towering London sculpture $15.8 Million in debt. Link

Art exhibitions have helped turn Alcatraz into a place to think as well as gawk. Link

What is exactly is a museum. As 50-year-old statement is overhauled, feuds over new description could “seriously weaken” the International Council of Museums. Link

Shifting Colors: As murals and public art spread throughout San Jose, gentrification displaces the local artists who helped make the area attractive. Link

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, is dedicating the third level of the Art of the Americas wing to the work by more than 100 female artists. Link

Long-lost sketches for The Little Prince, the beloved French novella, have been discovered in storage in Switzerland. Link

Museums Across the UK Are Making Doomsday Plans for Brexit. Link

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