Art & Pancakes, December 11th, 2016

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Art news for your Sunday morning.

From the Village Voice: Preventing Another Oakland Warehouse Tragedy Means Supporting Artists, Not Punishing Them   Link

From Oakland Magazine: Our Backyard- Disasters Waiting to Happen    Link 

Great read from The Creative Independent: DIY Spaces  Link

From East Bay Times: Evictions in Ghost Ship’s wake- Artists’ worst fears coming true   Link

From the LATimes: Ghost Ship tragedy puts focus on plight of Oakland artists dealing with soaring Bay Area housing costs  Link

From the SJMercury News: Costly, cumbersome permitting system forces music, art events underground   Link

From Democracy Now: Oakland Fire Survivor- Create Affordable, Safe Living Spaces & Stop Treating Artists Like Criminals   Link

From The Pitch: After Ghost Ship Fire, Oakland DIY Grapples With a Broken System   Link

From KQED: $1.7 Million Real Estate Grant Aims to Keep Artists in Oakland   Link

From Frieze: First of three articles exploring art/class/precarity: artists/curators/writers explore how class shapes art-making today   Link

From 2010: Journal #21 -Martha Rosler “Culture Class: Art, Creativity, Urbanism, Part I   Link

After censorship battle, Artist Dread Scott latest project is now on view in Kansas City   Link

Powerful and Uplifting Billboards Pop up Around Oakland   Link

Three Native American Artists Challenge a White Ethnographer’s Legacy   Link

Agnes Martin’s Contemporary Sublime   Link

Anish Kapoor is banned from buying the world’s pinkest paint   Link

Did an Ursula von Rydingsvard Sculpture Really Make 17 FBI Agents Sick?   Link

Palestinian Artist Inas Halabi Records 17 Versions of a Family Story  Link

Daido Moriyama on the essence of photography   Link

Anna Atkins (1799-1871), the First Woman Photographer to Capture the Elegance of Algae   Link

From SFChronicle: Interactive tribute- Remembering the 36 creative souls lost in the Oakland warehouse fire  Link

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