Art & Pancakes, December 13th, 2015

1206011338No pancakes today, but cupcakes will do. Art news morsels for your Sunday morning. Enjoy!

Judge Overturns IRS on Artist Tax Deductions   Link

In ‘Mark Rothko: From the Inside Out,’ a Son Writes About His Father   Link

A Brief History of Men Whining Over Women Artists Winning   Link

Famous Artists Asked to Draw a Map of the US from Memory   Link

National Endowment for the Arts to award $27.7 million to support 1,126 projects in the 1st round of FY 2016 funding   Link

Urban regenerators Assemble become first ‘non-artists’ to win Turner prize   Link

Museum Sues Wikimedia for Hosting Copyrighted Photos of Its Public-Domain Artworks   Link

Upon Leaving Post by Guy Geltner on the monetization of research & scholarly inequality   Link

The Postmodern Political Art of 1990s Mexico City   Link

Jack Persekian, Director of Palestinian Museum, Resigns   Link

Moy Eng, On Keeping San Francisco Rents Affordable For Artists   Link

A Pigment Library That Launched American Art Conservation   Link

Franz Kline Discussing Black and White (1960)   Link

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