Art & Pancakes, December 18th, 2016

A short stack of art news for you Sunday morn.

Arts Education Reduces Stress Level of Low-Income Students: Music and dance training can have an immediate, physiological benefit.   Link

Five Mujeres Critique the Guerrilla Girls and Mainstream Feminism   Link

The Arts Don’t Just Heal, They Also Unify and Inspire Action   Link

From Jell-O Shots to Money Scams, an Artist’s Account of Suing Her Gallery   Link

Photographer Daido Moriyama on social rebellion in 1960s Japan.   Link

Photography Against the Grain: On the re-release of Allan Sekula’s seminal book critiquing capitalism’s representations of material culture   Link

The Linguistic Overlap of Color Theory and Racism  Link

The Alchemy of the Avant-Garde  Link

After Ghost Ship Fire, What’s Next for Bay Area Artists and Building Safety?   Link

Evictions of artists: San Francisco’s Bernal Heights  Link;   Baltimore’s Bell Foundry  Link;   Denver’s Glob and Rhinoceropolis Art Spaces  Link

From this morning’s SF Chronicle: Creating low-cost housing for artists  Link


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