Art & Pancakes, December 2nd, 2018

Art news for your Sunday morning…PNW style. Enjoy!

Facebook Censors Art Historian for Posting Nude Art, Then Boots Him from Platform   Link

New study finds nearly 90% of internships in the arts are unpaid.   Link

London’s National Gallery has been taken to court by a group of 27 artists and lecturers who claim they were dismissed ‘without consultation or benefits’ because they were classified as self-employed.   Link

Whitney Museum Staffers Demand Answers After the Museum’s Vice Chair’s Relationship to Tear Gas Manufacturer Is Revealed… Warren B. Kanders purchased defense manufacturer “Safariland” in 2012 for $124 million.   Link

How Louise Bourgeois Investigated the Power of Materials    Link

Authorities seized 58 works by Banksy in Belgium.   Link

An Iconic Harlem Renaissance Frieze Is Crumbling in Brooklyn    Link

Proposal for a Judy Chicago museum divides a New Mexico town   Link

Artist Larry Poons: “Art isn’t business”    Link

These Artists Think Instagram Could Replace the Art Dealer   Link


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