Art & Pancakes, December 30th, 2018

A short list of art news for your Sunday morning during this holiday week…Happy New Year!

One of the Most Enduring—and Misunderstood—Images of France’s Yellow Vest Protests Was Orchestrated by Performance Artist Deborah De Robertis   Link

Decolonize This Place Announces January 26 Town Hall Regarding Whitney Museum’s Tear Gas Problem   Link

It’s not just art that indigenous people are fighting to reclaim from museums. They want their ancestors’ remains back, too.   Link

The Complicated Relationship Between Opium and Art in the 20th Century   Link

When a Lynching Memorial Becomes a Photo Opportunity: A reflection on the commodification of Jim Crow’s violence through public memorials.   Link

The Unforgettable Works of 15 Artists Who Died in 2018   Link


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