Art & Pancakes, December 3rd, 2017

Ho, ho, ho…art news for your Sunday morning…enjoy!

Gender Inequality in SF Bay Area Art Galleries, by the Numbers   Link

How the GOP Tax Plan Could Affect the Art World   Link

…And Increased Taxes for Graduate/PhD Students: UC Berkeley grad students create online calculator to estimate cost of House tax plan   Link

On the Relationship between Theory and Practice in Socially Engaged Art   Link

What Is Post-Cyberfeminism? Here’s a Primer on the Latest Big Idea to Storm Contemporary Art   Link

How Artists Are Bypassing Their Dealers and Selling Directly to Collectors   Link

8 US Colleges Lending Their Art Collections to Students   Link

Two Foundations Are Investing $6 Million to Diversify America’s Museum Leadership   Link

Goethe’s Colorful & Abstract Illustrations for His 1810 Treatise, Theory of Colors: Scans of the First Edition  Link

Hauser & Wirth Snaps Up Eduardo Chillida Estate as It Plans to Reopen the Artist’s Basque Country Museum   Link

Performance Artist Mikes Poppe Chained Himself to a Block of Marble Symbolizing the Burden of History. Then He Got Stuck.   Link

Remembering the Creatives: Saving the Music of Ghost Ship Victims Helps Loved Ones Heal   Link


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