Art & Pancakes, February 19th, 2017

A short stack of art news for your Sunday morning. Enjoy!

Can Only Rich Kids Afford to Work in the Art World?   Link

Despite Censorship Row, a Show Connecting Immigrant Rights and Police Brutality Goes On   Link

Cologne Foundation Challenges Hauser & Wirth Over August Sander Estate:  The question seems to be, what does ‘estate’ mean?   Link

Artists Face Sharp Rise in Attacks and Censorship in 2016: The US is amongst the 10 worst nations for censorship   Link

South Korean Government Accused of Blacklisting 9,000 Artists   Link

Basquiat Before He Was Famous   Link

How to be an artist, according to Paul Klee   Link

Arts Groups Draft Battle Plans as Trump Funding Cuts Loom   Link

See Artist Gerald Holtom’s Original 1958 Sketches for the Peace Symbol   Link

Passings: Jannis Kounellis, Pioneer of the arte povera movement who created spectacular sculptures out of mundane objects   Link



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