Art & Pancakes, February 5th, 2017

Art news for your Sunday morning.

In Tijuana, an Artist-Designed Treehouse Gives a Peek into the US    Link

When the U.S. Government Paid the Working Class to Be Artists   Link

How US Museums are Celebrating Black History Month, Coast to Coast   Link

US Museums Respond to Immigration Order    Link

MoMA Takes a Stand: Art From Banned Countries Comes Center Stage  Link

The Arts Don’t Just Heal, They Also Unify and Inspire Action   Link

NYC Dealer Who Scammed Art World of $80 Million Gets House Arrest   Link

When Does a Tattoo Become Art?   Link

Virtual Reality Has Arrived in the Art World. Now What?   Link

W.E.B. Du Bois Creates Revolutionary Data Visualizations Showing the Economic Plight of African-Americans (1900)  Link

Two Months After the Tragic Ghost Ship Fire, How Are Seattle DIY Promoters Addressing Safety Concerns?   Link

Future Uncertain for San Jose’s Priced Out Empire Seven Studios   Link

Mark Bradford’s Socially Activist Venice Biennale Sub-Plot   Link

Pictures of Artworks Made from the Ashes of Glasgow School of Art Fire; Artists including Sir Antony Gormley, Martin Boyce, Cornelia Parker and Douglas Gordon.   Link

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