Art & Pancakes, January 15th, 2017

A platter of art news for your Sunday morning. Dig in!

Why Photojournalists Are More Important Now Than Ever  Link

Call for Action on Inauguration Day: ‘This call concerns more than the art field.’   Link

From Ben Davis: The Lesson of Donald Trump’s Election for Art   Link

As tension mounts in the run-up to Trump’s inauguration, Jörg Heiser asks how artists can galvanize protest   Link

A Divide among Artists on the Proposed Strike for Inauguration Day   Link

List of resources for using art to amplify public protest   Link

Coco Fusco: Why an Art Strike?   Link

Post-Inauguration Women’s March In San Francisco Announces Speakers, Performers   Link

“How can artists incite and facilitate social change?” Grantee Taylor Renee Aldridge on Complex Movements in Detroit   Link

‘We, as a people, still exist’ — Artist Mercedes Dorame illuminates Native American history with family photos   Link

Artist Genevieve Gaignard makes the personal political while also creating new American mythologies   Link

Louise Bourgeois on art, integrity, the trap of false humility, and the key to confidence in creative work   Link

11 Female Abstract Expressionists Who Are Not Helen Frankenthaler   Link

Salvador Dalí’s 1973 Cookbook Gets Reissued: Surrealist Art Meets Haute Cuisine   Link

How museums can change social and cultural landscapes.   Link

From 2006: Sir Ken Robinson makes a case for creating an education system that nurtures creativity.   Link

Deeyah Khan: Art & freedom of expression are vital elements of any functioning democracy, and priceless human treasures.   Link


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