Art & Pancakes, January 29th, 2017

A short stack of art news for your Sunday morning.

How the White Cube Came to Dominate the Art World   Link

Artist Sending Trump Artwork Every Day to Protest Elimination of the NEA   Link

As Trump Threatens the NEA, an Artist Compiles All the Projects It Funded Last Year   Link

The SF Bay Area artist-run (and artist-centered) galleries you need to know   Link

The Making of Japanese Handmade Paper: A Short Film Documents an 800-Year-Old Tradition   Link

From the Guardian: Christo cancels artwork to protest Trump – but we need his vision.   Link

Street Artists Take on Trump.   Link

Banksy and Fellow Street Artists Are Refusing to Fuel the Market for Paintings Taken from the Streets   Link

Hiroshi Sugimoto and the Magic of the Darkroom  Link

How should museums respond to art smuggling scandals?   Link

How will NYC art museums fare if the current POTUS provokes fresh culture wars?   Link  Not just NYC museums.

How Isamu Noguchi’s 7 months in a Japanese internment camp inspired his art.   Link

Two White House Petitions to Save the NEA and NEH Aren’t Registering Signatures  Link

Behold the Tarot Card Deck Designed by Salvador Dalí   Link


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