Art & Pancakes, January 6th, 2019

A small platter of art news for your new year …enjoy!

Chris Burden’s Shocking Performances Come Back to Life in a New York Stage Play Link

Shifting Precedent, Buyers of Art Will Now Pay Resale Royalties in France Link

How Are Emerging Art Dealers Dealing With the Gallery Crisis? Link

In Response to Exploding Visitor Numbers, Venice Will Now Start Charging Tourists an Entrance Fee Link

Two Artists of Color Boldly Provoke a Conservative Museum Locked in the Past Link

Meet the anonymous artist installing bus benches at neglected stops on L.A.’s Eastside Link

Across Australia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists are Disrupting the Colonial Mindset Link

Kendrick Lamar Resolves Artist’s Copyright Lawsuit Over ‘Black Panther’ Video Link

Everyone’s a Curator. That’s Not (Always) a Bad Thing Link

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