Art & Pancakes, July 14th, 2019

Back from holiday with a small stack of Art news for your Sunday morning.

Why Are Some Artists Remembered More Than Others? Here’s what it takes to make it in art history. Link

“Where have the ethics and sense of a global mandate to protect the world’s heritage gone?”, asks Francesco Bandarin, former UNESCO chief Link

Two Beijing art districts abruptly evicted to make way for demolition: Police in riot gear escort hundreds of artists working in area studios from the premises. Link

What Happens When an Artwork Is Damaged beyond Repair Link

Showing Art outside of the Art World: This New Platform Gives Photographers an Immersive Way to Exhibit Their Work Link

Why Are So Many Artworks Untitled? Link

David Ireland House in further disarray as last curator, Diego Villalobos, tendered his resignation Thursday, July 11 Link

Where Are All the Bob Ross Paintings? Link

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