Art & Pancakes, July 15th, 2018

Art news to ponder on your Sunday morning…..enjoy!

A California law, the only of its kind in the United States, allowed artists to take 5 percent of any resales of their work. An appellate court ruled that it conflicts with a federal copyright law.   Link

Nikki Columbus, previous editor at Artforum and a curator, was offered a position as curator of performance at MoMA PS1 in August 2017. The job offer was rescinded after she told the museum’s chief curator, Peter Eleey, that she had recently had a baby.   Link 

In 2015 curator Zanna Gilbert organized “MaMA Cubicle,” a series of unofficial exhibitions in the lactation room at MoMA’s offices. Allison Weisberg wrote about the project and the challenges of motherhood in the art world.   Link

Revisiting the Legacy of Women at Black Mountain College   Link

The Association of Art Museum Directors creates paid internships to make museum staff more diverse.   Link 

Does our age of art world boycotts and museum protests prove that resistance is not futile?   Link

Oakland Dept of Transportation’s New Mural Program is Street Art—Literally: “Paint The Town is the first step in re-imagining what our streets are and what they can be,”   Link

Every Page of Depero Futurista, the 1927 Futurist Masterpiece of Graphic Design & Bookmaking, Is Now Online   Link

The Question of Art’s Relation to Racial Equity in Mississippi   Link

‘People in the arts, including women who collect, still find more trust in powerful men. It’s a real structural problem.’ Monika Sprüth and Philomene Magers discuss their 35-year journey in the arts.   Link


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