Art & Pancakes, July 16th, 2917

 Art news for your summer morning….enjoy!

The Gray Market: Why ‘Mutual Trust’ Is an Art-World Fable When It Comes to Sales Agreements (and Other Insights)   Link

Lessons from “Scaffold” Controversy: Museums are Inherently Colonial Institutions   Link

Woman Knocks Down $200K Worth of Art as She Poses for a Selfie at LA Art Gallery   Link   lordy (Note: Good points made in comments about proper installation)

Archaeological Survey of India Bans Selfie Sticks At 46 Site Museums   Link

“The Photo-Secessionists too often thought in terms of painting, from which they borrowed their subjects and forms.”   Link

Famous David Lynch Scenes side-by-side with the Paintings that Inspired Them   Link

Christian Boltanski Project Touches Bologna’s Traumas, and His Own   Link

What Can Joseph Beuys’s Mythic Boxing Match Teach Today’s Activist Artists?   Link

Cultural Gem or ‘Tax Grab’? $20M in Annie Leibovitz Photos Caught in Canadian Quandary   Link  eh?

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