Art & Pancakes, July 1st, 2018

Sparkling art news for your holiday week….enjoy!

Frieze Art Fair hits back at male-dominated art world with all-female art exhibition: The multimillion-dollar Frieze Art Fair is launching an exhibition dedicated to women artists in response to the “hard fact” of male domination in the industry.    Link

Former Stedelijk Director Beatrix Ruf on Her Exoneration: “There’s Nothing I’d Do Differently”   Link

Hidden for 30 Years, Keith Haring’s Largest Mural in Europe Has Now Returned to View in Amsterdam   Link

Banksy Confirms He’s in Paris as New Murals Are Vandalized and Protected : The six new murals include images referring to the migrant crisis, France’s attempts to ban hijabs, and a tribute to victims of the November 2015 terrorist attacks.  Link

Art Dealers Could Be Under More Financial Scrutiny with New US Bill:  The Bank Secrecy Act, created in 1970 to prevent money laundering in major financial institutions, could be extended to the art and antiquities market.  Link

Buyer pays $18.5m for work at auction but the artist gets nothing—is the system in need of reform?   Link  Um…YES.

A gallerist was arrested for refusing to move a 700-pound gigantic spoon-shaped sculpture, by the artist Domenic Esposito, installed in front of OxyContin manufacturer Purdue Pharma.   Link

VR Artist Tom Christopher’s work is being used by a New York hospital to help reduce patients’ need for opioids.   Link

Can Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Louvre Video Change Perceptions of Who Belongs in Museums?    Link

After the infamous ‘Monkey Jesus’ art restoration, one would think only a professional would be entrusted to restore this 500-year-old effigy of St George – but unfortunately disaster has struck again.   Link  Eeeee

The financially struggling Berkshire Museum will sell or auction off nine additional art works in the coming weeks.   Link

Is Art School Only for the Young? Nell Painter’s Art School: A Memoir of Starting Over explores the saga of 64 year old distinguished Princeton University historian  returning to get her MFA in painting.   Link

The Baltimore Museum Sold Art to Acquire Work by Underrepresented Artists. Here’s What It Bought—and Why It’s Only the Beginning   Link

Sad news: Sabina Ott, an Artist Who Believed Making Was an Act of Generosity, Dies at 62   Link   Link

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