Art & Pancakes, July 21st, 2019

A small platter of art news for you Sunday morning…enjoy!

The Growing Tide Against Unpaid Internships Link–update that: Eight Artists Withdraw Their Work From 2019 Whitney Biennial Link

In an unprecedented move, the Louvre has removed all mention of the Sackler name from its walls. Link

With Damning Words, a British Museum Trustee Has Resigned Over Its BP Sponsorship and Legacy of Colonialism Link

The Warren Kanders Protests Have Opened a Pandora’s Box About Ethical Museum Funding. Where Do We Go From Here? Link

Artist Leo Villareal on his epic journey to illuminate 15 London bridges—and why it never would have happened without Burning Man Link

Why the Layoff of a Curator at a Little-Known Art Space Was the ‘Last Straw’ for San Francisco’s Frustrated Art Community: 500 Capp Street has been a beloved part of San Francisco’s art scene since 2016. But its audience feels betrayed by its new direction. Link

Why Artists Who Dabble in Other Professions Find Success Link

In an Age of Political Division and Dirty Money, Can Museum Boards Ever Be Immaculate? Some Think They Have Found a Solution Link

Agnes Martin on Resisting the Urge to Be Alone Link

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