Art & Pancakes, July 22nd, 2018

A tiny stack of art news for your Sunday morning….enjoy!

A group of 27 art educators, comprising artists and lecturers, are demanding that the National Gallery recognize them as employees, not freelancers.   Link

MoMA’s Union Employees Have Been Working Without a Contract for Nearly Two Months—and Negotiations Have Stalled   Link

Why art exhibitions are returning to domestic settings and the traditional gallery aesthetic is falling out of favor.   Link

The Artist Susan Unterberg, acting anonymously (until now), has distributed $5.5 million over 22 years to over 220 unrecognized female Artists over the age of 40. She said she has decided to come forward so that she can more openly argue on behalf of women who are artists, demonstrate the importance of women supporting women and try to inspire other philanthropists.   Link

London artists offered a third off rent as Grayson Perry-backed ‘House for Artists’ gets green light:  Creatives living in the 12 new Barking flats will pay just 65 per cent of the market rent in return for promoting arts within the local community.   Link

Jane Fortune, the Woman Who Dedicated Her Life to Uncovering the Female Artists of the Italian Renaissance.   Link

Missing for Four Decades, a Stolen Motherwell Painting Turns Up   Link

Venice Biennale Title Sparks BacklashRalph Rugoff is facing criticism for the recently-announced title of his Venice Biennale exhibition, “May You Live in Interesting Times.”   Link

Texas Museum Mounts 30-foot Portrait of Today’s KKK. Texas-born Artist Vincent Valdez: “My intention was to shed light on an alarming topic that I felt I was witnessing outside my studio doors,” Texas-born and -based Valdez told Artsy. “Being Mexican-American in this country, it’s evident to me that there exists both overt and covert racism.” He believes that Americans haven’t yet reckoned with the depth of their prejudices and the country’s violent foundations.    Link


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