Art & Pancakes, July 3rd, 2016


Celebrate your holiday weekend with some art news!

A chemist has developed a new pigment is called YInMn blue, and it doesn’t fade.   Link

Street artists in Japan try to wipe out conservative views toward graffiti.   Link

French artist Patrick Commecy Transforms Boring City Walls Into Vibrant Scenes Full of Life.   Link

Ben Davis: After Brexit, Art Must Break Out of Its Bubble.   Link

Australian Arts Community Campaigns Against Federal Budget Cuts.   Link

Behind the plummeting rankings and defections of faculty and MFA students at USC’s Roski art school.   Link

The Artists + Activists Who’ve Aimed at the Roots of Injustice.   Link

Latino/a Art: Race and the Illusion of Equality.   Link

In Chicago, a Case Study in the Ethics of Cultural Philanthropy.   Link

As Gronk’s set designs go on view at CAFAM, the artist talks opera, painting and B-movie crab monsters.   Link

Mural in Abandoned Philly Building Becomes Wall Art for Future Condo.   Link

Sick of Being Human, a Designer Transformed Himself into a Goat   Link

Passings: Ben Patterson, artist, composer, double bassist, and founder of Fluxus.   Link

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