Art & Pancakes, July 8th, 2018

A small stack of art news for your Sunday morning…dig in!

How Links Between Museum Boards and Political Donations Show the Rot that Afflicts US Democracy   Link

The Baltimore Museum’s director on why correcting the art historical canon is not only right but urgent for museums to remain relevant   Link

“If art schools would prepare artists for the business aspects of being a visual artist—including preparing them to overcome the debt they’re accruing from that very school—artists would be in better shape.”   Link

No, Germaine Greer, Art Does Belong in Schools – it’s the Foundation of Healthy Public Cultural Life    Link

The Forgotten Story of Audrey Munson, Famous Muse and Fierce Advocate for Women Artists    Link

Mister Rogers, Art Critic  Link  Won’t you be my neighbor?

Abstract Expressionist Joan Mitchell Was Complicated, Driven—and a Genius   Link

Frieze Op Ed: The Art World is Overwhelmingly Liberal But Still Overwhelmingly Middle Class and White – Why? Is the lack of social mobility in the arts due to a self-congratulatory conviction that the sector represents the solution rather than the problem?   Link

An art historian explains what Beyoncé’s and Jay-Z’s takeover of the Louvre says about art, race and power.   Link

US Postal Service Ordered to Pay Sculptor Robert Davidson $3.5M For Copyright Infringement   Link

How Medieval Artists Used Monsters as Propaganda    Link

Philanthropist Agnes Gund’s Art for Justice Fund, which was launched last year, has given out USD$10m in new grants ranging from USD$25,000 to USD$2m for its second funding round – recipients include Xaviera Simmons, Hank Willis Thomas, Titus Kaphar and others working on projects that explore ‘ideas and stories about the injustice and inequity of mass incarceration’   Link


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