Art & Pancakes, June 10th, 2018

Art news to fuel your Sunday morning…Enjoy!

Did a Small Clarification of Tax Law Have a Major Impact on the Art Market?   Link

Outdated Rules Are Killing Museums—Here’s How Things Can Change   Link

Coming to a Billboard Near You: An Artist-Led Political Group Is Organizing the Largest Public Art Collaboration in US History   Link

The Pit Gallery Responds to Outcry Over Its “Glendale Biennial,” Vowing to “Do Better”   Link

Warsaw-based curator and writer Anda Rottenberg discusses her experiences in Poland’s art world and the difficulties faced by women in subordinate positions of power.   Link

Gallery Owner Rhona Hoffman, ‘Women’s salaries are less than men’s, even though they occupy the same jobs’   Link

Housing, a Brooklyn Gallery That Opposes Gentrification Is Forced to Relocate   Link

Six Strategies for Dealing with Controversial Monuments and Memorials   Link

Four Artists on How Motherhood Impacted Their Lives and Careers   Link

Nine New Murals To See in Oakland This Summer   Link

10th Berlin Biennale: ‘This is a Space of Generative Violence, There Are No Utopias Here’   Link

Create Your Own Art Catalogue from LACMA’s Collection:  A new program developed by the museum allows you to customize and print a book of 24 artworks, as well as write your own dedication and introduction.  Link


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