Art & Pancakes, June 17th, 2018

Breakfast with a view…. enjoy!

‘Culture is a birthright’: 8 leading UK artists inlcuding Rose Wylie, Ryan Gander and Liliane Lijn on the perils of excluding arts in schools    Link

How Will the Repeal of Net Neutrality Impact Artists?   Link

Done With Art Fairs, Team Gallery Is Selling Works Through Instagram Instead of Going to Basel   Link

What Happens When an Adjunct Instructor Wants to Retire?   Link

University of North Carolina Students Accuse Administration of Artwashing   Link

Brooklyn Museum acquires 96 pieces by female artists in effort to broaden ‘historic narratives’   Link

Artists Support Themselves Through Freelance Work and Don’t Find Galleries Especially Helpful   Link

How Can Today’s Artists Expect to Make a Living? A study on the financial state of visual artists today.   Link

California Arts Council invests $16.3 Million in Arts Programming Statewide    Link

Scans reveal newsprint, second painting under a Pablo Picasso painting.   Link

Uh oh...Van Gogh’s Famous Sunflower Paintings Are Slowly Turning Brown   Link

Allen Ruppersberg: The Torn-Apart Book   Link

Linda Nochlin’s Lifetime Insights Continue to Amaze: Published after her death, this succinct volume draws important art historical connections pointing to longstanding struggles with depictions of misery.   Link

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