Art & Pancakes, June 24th, 2018

Swell art news for your Sunday morning….enjoy!

Banksy submitted artwork to an exhibition under a pseudonym “Bryan S Gaakman.” It was rejected. Then the exhibit asked Banksy if he had anything he’d like to submit. He re-submitted the same work…. and it was accepted. Link

How Art Museums Can Remain Relevant in the 21st Century   Link

Anish Kapoor Sues the NRA for Featuring ‘Cloud Gate’ in Pro-Gun Ad   Link

Painter Etel Adnan’s Career Didn’t Take off until Her Eighties—Now She’s an Inspiration to Young Artists   Link

Backpack-Sized Archiving Kit Empowers Community Historians to Record Local Narratives   Link

10 SF Bay Area artists whose work already deals with themes of immigration and detainment are speaking out about the separation of families at the U.S.-Mexico border   Link

Why Have There Been No Great Black Art Dealers?  How a small but influential group of black gallerists is correcting history.   Link

Police investigating report of stolen Banksy painting from show unauthorized by artist …some speculate the thief was Banksy him(her?)self.    Link

BART will consider using money generated by the ads to restore one of the Mission District’s oldest murals.   Link

A History of Self-Taught African American Artists   Link

Museums Snap Up Protest Art   Link

Parents hit with $132,000 bill after five-year-old topples free-standing statue    Link



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