Art & Pancakes, March 11th, 2018

Spring forward with some art news for your Sunday morning! Enjoy.

Arts sector contributed $763.6 billion to U.S. economy—more than agriculture or transportation, new data shows   Link

The Hustle: Bay Area Artist With Four Jobs and a 380-Mile Commute   Link

Women Art Workers in Argentina Demand Gender Equality, and Museums Start to Listen   Link

Tate Artist-in-Residence Quits Over Director’s Response to Art World Sexual Harassment   Link

How Independent Curators Power the Art World   Link

Gucci has also installed mannequins that lifelessly watch video versions of appropriated art   Link

Every Exhibition Held at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Presented in a New Web Site: 1929 to Present   Link

San Francisco will remove sculpture of white settlers towering over a Native American   Link

Passings: Installation and Performance Artist James Luna (1950-2018)   Link



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