Art & Pancakes, March 12th, 2017

Art news for your Spring Forward Sunday. Enjoy!

Why Quality Metrics is a Really Bad Idea for Quantifying Artistic Quality   Link

100 Years On, Why Dada Still Matters.   Link

Americans for the Arts Releases Statement on Arts, Jobs, and the Economy   Link

New Estimates Cuts Art Market’s Value by a Third   Link

Tenure for professors has been under pressure, and even the subject of outright attacks, for a long time.   Link

Recent graduates with arts degrees have better career and entrepreneurial training than those before them.   Link

San Francisco kinetic Artist Carl Pisaturo closes his Mission Art gallery after 18 years.   Link

The myth of Jackson Pollock, Peggy Guggenheim, and the masterpiece created in one night   Link

Gabriel Orozco Has Given Up Making Art.   Link

Jeff Koons and Pompidou Center Lose Copyright Infringement Case   Link

Goya etchings found in French chateau are ‘once in a lifetime discovery’   Link

Then and Now: Reaching for the Stars, Artists Capture and Replicate the Awe-Inspiring and the Invisible   Link

From 2014 but still relevant: How To Recognize an Art Scam   Link

The Sculpture of a “Fearless Girl” on Wall Street Is Fake Corporate Feminism   Link

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