Art & Pancakes, March 19th, 2017

Art news for your Sunday morning.

How Do Artists Affect Gentrification?   Link

Amid Ferocious San Francisco Rental Market, Apartment Galleries Flourish.   Link  If you can even afford the SF apartment.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Execs Got Hefty Bonuses as Losses Mounted.   Link

What Happens If You Break an Artwork?   Link   Whoops.

Utah Moves to Make “Spiral Jetty” and Indigenous Rock Art Official State Artworks.   Link

San Jose’s Empire Seven Studios Juan Carlos Araujo Enlivens the Streets of San Jose’s Japantown Through Art.   Link

How Pollock, Picasso, and 7 Other Iconic Artists Overcame Creative Block   Link

How Richard Serra Shaped the Discourse About Public Art in the 20th Century.   Link

Animal Rights Activists Protest Damien Hirst Show in Venice with 88 Pounds of Dung   Link

The Academic Study Results Are In: Mona Lisa Is Smiling.   Link

Why Do Dealers and Artists Part Ways?  Link

Oral arguments began in the First Amendment lawsuit over a high school student’s Ferguson painting that was removed from display on Capitol Hill last month.   Link

Painting on Message at the 2017 Whitney Biennial   Link

Trump’s 2018 budget “blueprint” proposes significant cuts or complete elimination of funding for federal agencies that support the arts and culture, the humanities, human services, and community, regional, and international development. NEA, NEH, CPB, IMLS, to name a few.  Link

The Real Cost of Abolishing the National Endowment for the Arts: Trump’s budget proposal would have a disproportionate impact on organizations in rural and underserved communities.  Link

1962: JFK’s talk at on behalf of the National Cultural Center, he discusses the universality of artistic expression and its ability to transcend national borders.  Audio Link  Transcript Link

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