Art & Pancakes, March 25th, 2018

A platter of art news for your Sunday morning….enjoy!

What Black Panther Gets Right About the Politics of Museums   Link

7 Simple Tips to Get the Most Out of An Artist Residency    Link

Essay from Artist Clarity Haynes: I’m a Queer Feminist Artist. Why Are My Paintings Censored on Social Media?   Link

Turner Prize-Winning Artist Jeremy Deller Has Launched a Campaign to Help People Quit Facebook   Link

Trump Signs a New Spending Bill That Increases Funding for the NEA and NEH, Despite Threats to Veto  Link

The Disappearance of Books Threatens to Erode Fine Arts Libraries  Link

Report on California arts education: encouraging, but needs work    Link

Artist’s $100 Million Lawsuit Is “Completely Baseless,” Says Lawyer for Five Top Museums  Link

Prior to Her Firing, Curator Helen Molesworth Made Public Statements Critical of Museum Practices, MOCA   Link

‘This All Makes Me Sad’: Artists and Museum Professionals Vexed by Imbroglio at MOCA LA   Link

Want to be more creative at work? Take a vacation.   Link  ok!

Web Traffic Is the New Foot Traffic: Why Galleries Are Investing Big to Chase Digital Natives   Link

Leonardo da Vinci Made a Secret Copy of ‘The Last Supper’ and, Miraculously, It Still Exists   Link

Passings: Katherine Westphal, Fiber Art Pioneer, Dies at 99   Link


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