Art & Pancakes, March 26th, 2017

A small portion of art news for your sunny Sunday morning. Enjoy!

In California, the ‘Beginning of the Battle’ to Save Arts Funding   Link

SF Bay Area Arts Communities React to Proposed NEA and NEH Cuts   Link

Why Eliminating the NEA Will Disproportionately Hurt Communities of Color   Link

700 Cultural Leaders Gather in Washington to Fight for Arts Funding  Link

New Study Finds Gender Gap Wider at Wealthier Museums   Link

“What Does It Mean to Be Black and Look at This?” A Scholar Reflects on the Dana Schutz Controversy   Link

These 10 Unrealized Artworks Would Have Been Spectacular   Link

What happens when a museum closes?   Link

The Violence of the 2017 Whitney Biennial: One of the themes of this year’s Whitney Biennial appears to be violence, and not every artist has the ability to transform it into a successful work of art.  Link

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