Art & Pancakes, March 3rd, 2019

A tiny stack of art news for your Sunday morning. Enjoy!

SFMOMA Names Janet Bishop Chief Curator Link

The 2019 Whitney Biennial Artist List: By the Numbers Link

A London court has ruled that a group of former lecturers at the National Gallery should be granted workers’ rights. Link

Banksy sued an Italian company for making unauthorized merchandise…and won. Link

The Gray Market: Why a Changing Donor Base Might Finally Convince Museums to Get Woke Link

In Wake of Volta Cancellation, Exhibitors to Show Work at David Zwirner, Art on Paper Link

The former director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, forced out amid budget crisis, got a $1.5M golden parachute. Link welp

The Art World Pays Tribute to Robert Ryman Link

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