Art & Pancakes, May 13th, 2018

Art news for your Sunday morning…Happy Mum’s day to all moms, past, present and future!

Artists Sue City of Memphis for Painting Over Sanctioned Murals   Link

13 Famous Artist Couples’ Massive Gender Pay Gaps   Link

Tracey Emin, Anish Kapoor, Grayson Perry Protest Arts Exclusion in UK Schools   Link

The Risk of Moving Artworks: A Broken Finger and Public Outcry  Link

It’s Time to Consider the Links Between Museum Boards and Political Money  Link

As Government Pushes Neighboring Businesses Out, One Beijing Art Space Perseveres   Link

Who Decides What Is Violent in the Museum?   Link

Governor Jerry Brown proposes $5 million increase for California Arts Council in his May budget revision   Link

The Frida Kahlo Corporation is suing the artist’s great niece, claiming she is falsely presenting herself as someone who has the power to grant licensing permits for Kahlo’s name and image.   Link

San Francisco Collector Launches Foundation Dedicated to Performance Art   Link

Hawaii Artist Teacher Hannah Shun: Here’s Why Arts Education Is Worth Fighting For   Link

New Database Highlights Overlooked European Avant-Garde Artists   Link

The Migrant Quilt Project brings border tragedies to the surface, stitch by stitch   Link



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