Art & Pancakes, May 21st, 2016


Art news for your Sunday morning. Enjoy!

What It Really Takes to Be an Artist: MacArthur Genius Teresita Fernández’s Magnificent Commencement Address   Link

Things to Know and Consider Before Taking an Unpaid Internship   Link

Critiques of Social Practice (audio)   Link

From the Guardian: The jewels of the new SFMOMA photography collection – in pictures   Link

Gig workers can look to artists for survival skills   Link

W.A.G.E. Calls for New Museum to Fully Compensate Artists   Link

Brooklyn Museum Offers Staff Buyouts   Link

What We Worry About When We Worry About Commodification: Reflections on Dave Beech, Julian Stallabrass, & Jeff Wall   Link

See how a gallerist restored a deteriorating Detroit church and turned it into an art space   Link

Reflections on My Great Aunt, an Artist Who Painted for No One but Herself   Link

From drones to fair use: the hottest topics in museum law   Link

Net Art Archive Going Offline, Raising Preservation Concerns   Link

New York art students mold clay into faces of city’s nameless   Link

Why You Don’t Need an Art History Degree to Be a Curator   Link

Joan Miró Works Auctioned by His Grandson to Benefit Refugees   Link

Rocked by Embezzlement and Lye Attack, NYC’s Healing Arts Initiative Shuts Down   Link

Holland Cotter: Art museums are political, whether they want to be or not.   Link

“Art Is a Demanding Mistress” Carrie Mae Weems Delivers a Poetic Commencement Speech   Link

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