Art & Pancakes, May 21st, 2017

Art news for your Sunday morning….enjoy!

In a Bad Time: On Art Strikes and Auto-Destructive Art   Link

A group of 14 institutions will be digitizing millions of objects over the next few years.   Link

Hear the Experimental Music of the Dada Movement: Avant-Garde Sounds from a Century Ago   Link

Answering ‘cultural genocide’: Iraq’s looted treasures to be displayed at Venice Biennale   Link

Brooklyn Arts Council Celebrates Over 50 Years of Helping Artists   Link

Did you know: 40% of NY artists can’t afford their supplies   Link

Social Alchemist Nari Ward on Using Art to Rethink the Difference Between Money and Spirituality   Link

Artists gather to defend the right to artistic freedom in Bangladesh   Link

The Gray Market: Why You Can’t Trade Art Like Stocks (and Other Insights)   Link

One Artist’s Fight to Decriminalize Tattoos in Japan   Link

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