Art & Pancakes, May 6th, 2018

A stack of Sunday morning art news for you to enjoy!

Rampant Social Inequalities Persist in the Arts According to New UK Study   Link

Columbia University MFA Students Demand Tuition Refunds due to decrepit facilities and absentee instructors   Link

Artists and Loft Tenants Protest New York City’s Department of Buildings    Link

Should big galleries subsidize smaller ones?   Link

Why We Can’t Give up on Galleries   Link

A radical show runs by artists for artists now feels like a rarity in the Berlin’s increasingly slick and professional scene   Link

The Art Fair-Industrial Complex; Keeping Up With the Gagosians. “Jerry Saltz: Break the Art Fair”   Link

‘It Is an Unusual and Radical Act’: Why the Baltimore Museum Is Selling Blue-Chip Art to Buy Work by Underrepresented Artists   Link

L.A. gave local artists $10,000 to create work. An exhibition at Barnsdall Art Park shows off what they made   Link

The Gray Market: Why Blockbuster Museum Shows Aren’t Actually Solving the Attendance Problem (and Other Insights)   Link

It’s time for museums to ‘decolonize’ says former Walker Art Center director   Link

A state-owned French art museum has discovered that more than half of its collection consists of worthless fakes.   Link

Can a University Art Museum Break Out of the Ivory Tower? A New Institute of Contemporary Art Proposes an Ambitious Vision in Virginia   Link

False Narratives About Artists Harm Artists, and Communities   Link

The Problem with 356 Mission’s Politics   Link

356 Mission Gallery, Seen by Many as a Symbol of Gentrification, Will Close   Link

Is This the Future—or the End—of Art? A Selfie-Centric Art Space Opens in Paris With a Show of Klimt Projections   Link

At Art Leaders Network, Some Panelists Challenge Themselves   Link

Virtual Reality Asserts Itself as an Art Form in Its Own Right   Link

How the Nebulous Internet Has Influenced Art Since 1989.   Link

“Arts experiences boost critical thinking, teaching students to take the time to be more careful and thorough in how they observe the world.”   Link

What happens when creatives work at the Mayors office?   Link

25,000 Strangers Pooled Their Cash To Buy a Picasso Painting   Link

Whatever ‘art’ is, is anyways elastic. Abandoning the term to appease our critics is giving up too much.’ Eyal Weizman of Turner Prize-nominated Forensic Architecture talks warfare in the age of post truth.   Link

The backstory of Ninalee Allen—who has just passed away at 90—taken by Ruth Orkin in her iconic photo “American Girl in Italy”   Link

‘Photography Makes Me Look Within’: a Tribute to Laura Aguilar (1959–2018)  Link


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