Art & Pancakes, November 20th, 2016

BD and cakes

Art news on a gray Sunday morning.

Part-time lecturers on precarious work: ‘I don’t make enough for rent’   Link

Imaginative Protest   Link

For Freedoms artist-led super PAC’s billboard combines Trump’s campaign slogan with a Civil Rights-era photo Link

“Left Right Left Right (1995), a piece by Annette Lemieux at the Whitney Museum that consists of 30 images of raised fists, has been turned upside-down at the artist’s request   Link

After the Election, US Museums Affirm Their Roles as Safe, Open Spaces   Link

The Psychology of Messiness & Creativity: Research Shows How a Messy Desk and Creative Work Go Hand in Hand   Link

How Public Art Exposed Class Tensions in San Francisco   Link

Art Demystified: What is the Role of the Curator?   Link

Soundbreaking: The San Francisco BayArea recording history   Link

The Closing of Seattle’s Suyama Space   Link

Hokusai’s Picture Book of Everyday Life in Edo-Era Japan   Link

7 Vanishing Technologies Making a Comeback through Art   Link

Formation of self/individual’s place in a turbulent society among the themes reflected in the 2017 Whitney Biennial: List of Artists   Link

Anselm Kiefer calls for his first exhibition in China to be cancelled: Says he did not give his consent to the show at Beijing’s Central Academy of Fine Arts   Link

Jerusalem Art Installation Flower Street Lamps ‘Bloom’ When You Approach Them   Link

Susan Sontag on moral courage and the power of principled resistance to injustice   Link

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