Art & Pancakes, November 25th, 2018

A small sprinkling of art news for your Sunday morning….and Happy National “Eat with a Friend” Day!

Goodbye to All That: Why Do Artists Reject the Art World?   Link

Shopping? Ten Reasons to Buy From Local Artists.   Link

The Four Social Classes of the Art World    Link

After Outcry, the Mayor of DC Overrules the Local Grant-Giving Organization’s Attempt to Restrict ‘Lewd or Political’ Work  Link

“A Space of One’s Own” Database Aims to Become the World’s Best Resource on the History of Overlooked Women Artists   Link

“European museums have almost everything, and African museums have almost nothing,” said the co-author of a groundbreaking report that seeks to redress the imbalance.   Link

The Passion and Inspiration of Creative Couples   Link

James Rosenquist’s Day Job Painting Billboards Led to His Greatest Work    Link

How Joseph Cornell, Barbara Kruger, and 8 Other Artists Subsidized Their Art   Link


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