Art & Pancakes, November 27th, 2016


A short list of post-holiday art news for your Sunday morning.

James Baldwin and Chinua Achebe’s Forgotten Conversation About Beauty, Morality, and the Political Power of Art   Link

A Step in the Right Direction for the Display of Native American Art   Link

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Puts Online 65,000 Works of Modern Art   Link

Relevant today: From 1972, John Berger’s BBC Program: Ways of Seeing , Episode 1   Link

10 fascinating crowdsourced artworks   Link

Yale Publishes the First Photo Facsimile of the Voynich Manuscript   Link

From the Irish Times: There’s plenty to suggest Trump is inimical to culture. Could his election spark a strong artistic response?   Link

10 Reasons to Support the Arts    Link

Lorna Simpson talks about her recent paintings and solo exhibition in Fort Worth  Link

Anne Truitt on Resisting the Label “Artist” and the Difference Between Doing Art and Being an Artist: “Artists have no choice but to express their lives.”   Link

Ed. note: Remember to buy from Artists and small businesses as often as you can this holiday season!



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