Art & Pancakes, October 21st, 2018

A small portion of art news for your Sunday morning….enjoy!

How One Woman’s Punishment for Putting Up a Mural Has Exposed a Deep Divide in the Los Angeles Art Community   Link

The Pop-Up Museum Craze Infiltrates Comic Con, Where the Line Between Art and Merchandise Has Never Been Blurrier   Link

How Sigmund Freud’s Massive Art Collection Influenced His Theories   Link

Leonardo da Vinci May Have Had a Rare Eye Condition that Affected His Portraits   Link

New Video Indicates Banksy’s Sotheby’s Shredding Didn’t Go According to Plan   Link

Will the Louvre Lose Corporate Sponsorship Worth Millions? France’s Fight Over Tax Reform Could Have Big Ripple Effects for Museums    Link

A Closer Look at Jacob Lawrence’s “Migration Series,” the Masterpiece He Made at 23    Link

What We Can Learn from the Brief Period When the Government Employed Artists   Link


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