Art & Pancakes, October 23rd, 2016


A smattering of art news to pique your interest on your Sunday morning…enjoy!

Artists Who Steal Art: When Is Appropriation Simply Theft?   Link

Great Public Art Has the Power to Change Communities   Link

Kerry James Marshall Is Shifting the Color of Art History   Link

Photography in a Period of Change  Link

Researchers Restore First Recording of Computer Music, Made in Alan Turing’s Lab   Link

“Art Does Change Things”: A Conversation with Curator and Art Historian Kellie Jones   Link

United Kingdom’s “Paying Artists” Campaign    Link

Parisian Street Artist Thomas Vuille Will Not Face Jail Time   Link

Anicka Yi Wins $100,000 Hugo Boss Prize   Link

A Visit to the CIA’s “Secret” Abstract Art Collection   Link

Second Coming of Beast Jesus Spotted in Canada   Link

Photography and the Philosophy of Time: On Gustave Le Gray’s Great Wave, Sète   Link

From council estates to Georgian houses, galleries are opening in people’s houses across London   Link

Making Art Will Lower Your Stress Level   Link


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